The Alexander Technique works with the principle that how we use ourselves has a profound effect in our day to day lives. It looks at how we relate with our whole selves to each moment, person and task at hand.

F M Alexander (1869-1955) recognised that we are often governed by unconscious patterns of behaviour which determine how we think and how we move. The Alexander Technique sheds light on our mental and physical habits, and how these are intimately connected. At the same time, it explores ways of recalibrating our awareness and creates the conditions for a lively relationship with the world. In these ways, the technique opens up a moment by moment choice about how we think, make and do.

about me

I graduated from the South Bank Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre in 2018 and am a teaching member of Alexander Technique International. I am also an artist and a Lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. I offer online Alexander Technique lessons in private lesson and group workshop formats. I also devise specialised classes for creative educational contexts.


I offer group workshops for beginners and all interested students of the Alexander Technique. These workshops are drop-in platforms to learn about the core principles of the Alexander Technique, from awareness to inhibition and non-doing. The workshops give an insight into the relevance of the technique in everyday life, demonstrating how it can create the conditions for an organic, effortless and responsive relationship with the world.

Workshops take place online. You can view and register for upcoming workshops here

private lessons

I offer one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons online. This lesson format allows an in-depth way of working which is tailored to an individual student’s needs.

Through private lessons, I will help you to identify where there are opportunities to expand your awareness of yourself and your environment in order to facilitate constructive and coordinated ways of being and doing. Lessons are an hour long and are an opportunity to explore how to integrate and embed the technique into your day to day life.

Contact me by email to book a private lesson.


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